Questions that people ask us most frequently.

What/Who is a Jumper?

A Jumper is our delivery boy, your friend who will deliver anything you want. He will finish any personalized delivery need you might have, moving things around the city just the way you want.

What are the different modes of payment you support?

Right now we only support cash payments.

What does the payment amount include?

Payments would include delivery fare, amount of purchases the Jumper made on your behalf, if any, parking charges and toll charges, if the Jumper incurs any. The Jumper will display a receipt for all purchases or expenses incurred on your behalf.

When do I have to make the payment?

Payments have to be made to the Jumper directly in cash, at pickup point or drop off point depending on the type of delivery.

How does payment differ between getting something and sending something through Street Jumper?

If you use the ‘Get Something’ delivery type, the payment will be made at the drop-off point (your location). Instead, if you select ‘Send Something’, the payment location then will be the pickup point (your location).

Where can I find my total fare amount?

You will see you final fare amount before confirming the order, after choosing your pickup and drop off locations.

What all can I call for using Street Jumper?

You can call for anything that is under 25kg weight, 135 litres capacity and within the dimensions 22 x 15 x 25 inches. You cannot call for anything that is in our restricted items list (you can view our restricted items list here: Restricted Items). The Jumpers move on motorcycles, so please don’t send any items that the Jumper may have difficulty in carrying or that are delicate and might break.

Do you support 2-way deliveries? Like, the Jumper going and coming back?

Unfortunately, we are not supporting 2-way deliveries for now. The best alternative for that is to make 2 separate orders – one for sending and one for getting the good back or vice versa.

What is my credit limit? Up to what amount can I buy using this service?

As a first-time customer, your credit limit will be Rs. 1,000/-. The credit limit allows you to buy anything from the city and get it right then with ease. The Jumper will buy anything from the city for you, as long as it is within your credit limit, and then you can pay him at delivery. The maximum buy limit is the credit limit. Your credit limit will keep increasing as your loyalty towards the company increases.

What if I want to buy something that is over my credit limit?

Unfortunately, that is not possible right now.

Can I book orders over the phone?

Unfortunately, we don’t support orders over the phone. You can only order using the Street Jumper app on Android.

What if the Jumper doesn’t show up?

You should contact the Jumper directly. Contact details are shared with you as soon as you are allotted a Jumper in the app. If he doesn’t respond, you should contact our customer support number +91 8107651708 and we’ll help you out.

What if I entered incorrect order details?

In case you have entered incorrect delivery information, you should immediately cancel the trip and generate a new order.

How do I cancel my order/delivery?

On clicking the status bar on the top, you can see a cancel button. Press it for a few seconds and the trip will be cancelled.

What is an invite code? How do I use it?

Right now, we are accepting only limited users on an invite basis. This is to ensure that we can efficiently manage the demand for the service in the initial period while also providing the best customer experience possible! If you are a registered user, you can invite your friends to use the service using the invite code. You can find your invite code in the ‘Invite Friend’ menu option. You can invite a maximum of 5 new users. We also float new invite codes as part of our marketing and promotional activities and new users can use those to register themselves.

What is the difference between get something and send something?

You can get anything from the city to you using get something. The payment will be made at drop off point (your location). Using send something, you can send anything across the city and payment location will be the pickup point (your location)

What if I want to get something that is over 25kg?

Unfortunately, that is not possible right now.

Are any items banned? Where can I find them?

You can find all the banned items on this link: Restricted Items

I want to know more about the services? Can I meet/talk to a representative?

Sure! You can reach out to a customer support representative on +91 8107651708.

I am a business and want to contact you with regards using Street Jumper for my business? Who do I contact?

You can reach out to a sales representative on +91 8107651708.