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Amazing Features

This is why you'll love us.

Super personalized delivery

A Jumper only focuses on one customer at a time and performs any delivery task that the customer asks him to. A Jumper is just like your friend; your own super-personal assistant. From buying you a burger from McDonalds to going to a shop on the 2nd floor of a mall to buy you a video game, anything you want will be done.

Live Track your jumper

Track your Jumper in real-time on the map with his exact location and live ETAs. Live tracking helps maintains transparency and ensure there are no unnecessary delays.

Call or text your Jumper & share images

Communicate with your Jumper for sharing accurate delivery-related information. Also, exchange images to tell him what to buy or what to get. Jumpers can themselves also share images of what they have picked/bought for confirmation.

Customer Rating ensures premium quality

We take customer ratings very seriously. Every poor rating is scrutinized thoroughly. Only Jumpers with high ratings are retained, to ensure quality customer experience.

Insulated bags for your temperature-sensitive goods

Food deliveries constitute a large chunk of our deliveries and that is why our premium delivery equipment constitutes insulated bags to keep your food hot and fresh. It has a capacity of 40 litres.

Our equipment also includes a huge delivery bag with a capacity of 135 litres. It can carry 25 kgs weight and the dimensions are 22 x 15 x 25 inches.

Cash on delivery Limit – Jumper purchases in advance

We understand that it is painstaking to go to the market every time to make small purchases. That is why, when you join Street Jumper for the first time, you are assigned a cash on delivery limit of Rs. 500, allowing you to sit at home and order anything from the city.

Jumpers make purchases on your behalf and takes cash on delivery. As you use Street Jumper more often for your purchases, your cash on delivery limit increases in tandem.

Thorough background check and quality training practices

Each Jumper goes through a very thorough screening and background check, as well as a training process to ensure your belongings are safe and secure.